Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Ever wonder what it would be like to ride one of the legendary cyclocross courses in Belgium? This ride through the Koppenbergcross course gives you a good sense of what it might be like. In a word, nasty. Cobbles, mud, a hilly and bumpy cow pasture, and a killer switchback descent.

Check it out below. And don't forget to watch tomorrow morning if you are able. Check for live streaming options.


Anonymous said...

I assume that GoPro was on the helmet of Fabian Cancellera? You could hear the motor they put in his frame. I guess the accusations were true.

Anonymous said...

I love that part at 4:15 where that guy is struggling so hard and hardly moving.

Gary S said...

Love that mud. Love it, love it, love it!

JP said...

after seeing this we should NEVER complain about a course ever again. Those bumps and that mud.... WOW. What a pain in the A%$#%^^&!