Tuesday, October 30, 2012


(photo: Mark Reimer)
JP came close again. But Willem spoiled it. Stupid Willem. Stupid punk-ass kids in general. Hot Legs Dave looked like a winner early on. But then he rolled a tyre about half-way through the first lap. That was not at all how we planned for it to go. Anna, on the other hand, made it a clean sweep of the season, winning her seventh consecutive race. Then again, she's basically a punk-ass kid herself. At least compared to the rest of us, who are merely stupid and punk-assed. So it serves her right that she lost to Brad. The Hipster had a good day. He finished third in the Mens Cat 3 Race. And Mike won the hearts of all the children in attendance with his inspired rendition of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Full results and links to more photos than you could possibly want to see can be found right here.

After seven consecutive weekends of racing, it will be nice to have a break from the racing routine this weekend. But at the same time, the eight week wait until the final cx race of the season feels a bit like a cruel joke right now. But we will make do. Olli has a plan for this weekend. And there may have to be a throwdown or two in the next couple of months. Not to mention a little something we call Nordic Cross.

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