Monday, October 15, 2012

The Works of Charity

According to the tradition from which this seven paneled polyptych derives, there are seven works of charity: feeding the hungry, refreshing the thirsty, clothing the naked, burying the dead, receiving travelers, visiting the sick, and comforting prisoners. Good works, indeed. But to this list, the Dark Side would like to add another--not so much an eighth (because finely tuned numerology of this sort should not be messed with) as an extension of some of the existing seven. Let us call it relieving the over-prepared of their burdens.

Though they may not (yet) technically belong to the brotherhood and sisterhood of the Dark Side, our friends Ryan and Mel have a problem they need some help with. It seems they purchased too much fine Belgian goodness for their wedding this past summer. Lucky for them, the Dark Side is always ready and willing to help a brother and sister out.

So this week's TNR will be another special edition of sorts. After a short ride, we will gather around a fire in their back yard and help relieve them of this particular burden.

Please note this this is another special "sisters-welcome" TNR. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Let's meet at the alternate TNR HQ--aka Espresso Junction at the Forks--at the regular meeting time of 9:30 pm. I may have to join in mid-ride due to another commitment.


JP said...

charity not only is sweet, it also tastes sweet too!!

Anonymous said...

Working for charity can be hard, but I'll roll up my sleeves, donate my time and help these poor souls out.

KK said...

Ultra unreasonable work expectations will keep my from joining you charitable souls tonight.

Too bad...the gratifying feeling from helping those in need is exactly what I could use right now.

g said...


Sorry for the harsh words but you will be missed.

Stupid unreasonable work expectations. You should think about finding a job with low expectations. The down side is you don't get paid much but the upside is you can take part in charitable activities like this evening.