Friday, October 05, 2012

Where's the Beach?

It is very likely under the snow. For all those who thought last weekend was too hot for cyclocross, you got your wish. Now you better show up. We've got skinsuits and embro. There is nothing to fear. Hopefully some of that snow sticks around for the race. Or at least leaves the grass soft and slippery.

Halberto, Gianni, and Co. always serve up a good course. And the CycleChick is serving up chilli laced with Scrapper for the Dark Red Roosters after the race. What's not to love?

Registration closes just before midnight tonight. Don't forget to get yourself on the startlist. The beach will look good if it's covered with a swath of Dark Red.

There will be a couple of sections of sand to ride. And where there's sand, there is the potential for spectacular crashes. As this recent video from Kansas City attests:

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