Thursday, October 18, 2012

tnr report on the works of charity

There is an open rumour that the Dark Lord lost his way in attending this event. Too bad, it was a doozy, as they say. Charity flowed freely.

While this reporter was not able to join the ride, word is that it was a spirited jaunt along the river trails, down along the Seine River and back. Numerous riders actually had no idea where they were for much of the ride... further, some didn't even quite get what part of town they ended up in... That's a good ride.

Then our affable hosts, Ryan & Mel, opened the gates to charity, and the FGBC was there to ride through. We systematically took care of all their left overs, and when that was done, Ryan vanished into the basement with G to serve up more.... right down to the Innis & Gunn; and whiskey wedding favours.  We definitely relieved Ryan and Mel of their burdens... A further example of the depth of hospitality: when it turned out that Cyclocross Dave's jacket had departed earlier with someone, Ryan lent him the Felt wool jersey off his back for the ride home.

Highlights certainly had to be 1. Cyclocross Dave's dismount into the garden... it very much harkened back to the first spring ride when one of our riders found himself very upside down in the bush after but a few meters attempted pedaling.  Dave claims it was a nasty mismatch between clipped shoes and platform pedals. Who's to know, but everyone found it very funny in a strong, Belgian beer kind of way.
2. Oli wore an ironically fabulous (given the evening's task), green Labatt 50 vest. He likely received a lot more compliments on his dress than he expected.
3. Hot fire, good folks, fine beer, excellent hosts.

Finally, there was more hugging than ever before seen at a TNR. Not sure what to make of that.

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Anonymous said...

One of the best TNRs in a while. Dave was in particularly fine form indeed. Thanks Ryan and Mel!