Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vanessa is a Cross Hottie

It's only been out for a week or so. But the Sweetest Skinsuit in the World is already starting to become famous, thanks to Vanessa's appearance on the Hot Cross Buns site.

There is some debate, however, about whether this is as valuable a presence on the interwebs as Cousin Thomas's awkward bear suit moment. Looking at it again, it all seems so innocent. I forget exactly where this one got off the rails. But somewhere along the way it did. In a big way. It's probably best not to revisit that particular moment.


Nessa said...

I'm not usually a follower of Twitter and all these other blogs so now that I've explored things a bit more I'm well .. bashfully flattered!? Full credit goes to Andrea for a great shot of the run up and even more credit goes to our early Canadian snow and most of all the sweetest skinsuit in the world. (now i'm really curious about the bear suit story)

CycleChick said...

Full credit to you Vanessa for making it up that awful hill, and looking good doing it!