Monday, October 22, 2012

CX Provincials Report

(Photo: Jared Falk)
The course was a bit different. And the consensus is it was better, not worse. Thanks to Gary and Co. for all the work they did to make it happen.

The Dark (Red) Side walked home with a trunk full of medals. But then again, it seemed almost everyone who raced received a medal of some sort. Next year we should carve up the age categories a bit finer. We could group ourselves by age ranges of 5 years instead of 10, or maybe even 2 years as they do with the kids. Then we could all walk away with medals.

Daniel has worn the Sweetest Skinsuit in the World in place of his regular pajamas for some time now. But he pulled on his new Rooster Suit for the first time in a race yesterday and used it to annihilate the field for about 59 and a half minutes of the 60 min. race. Unfortunately, some jerk from Ontario decided to spoil the party sponsored by the Manitoba Medal Clearinghouse with about 500 meters to go on the bell lap. At least he didn't get a medal.

Johnny S's bike shit the bed. Again. But that is hardly newsworthy.

The most interesting moment of the day occurred before the race. During a warm-up lap down by the river I rounded a corner to come upon a couple that were, let's just say, very much into themselves and not cx provincials. They were right on the course and very oblivious to anything else that might have been going on around them. I politely pointed out that they might want to relocate to a different location as there was a bike race going on. They were just a little bit startled and scampered off to find a less public piece of the river bank. It seems they thought all the tape marked out a territory meant just for them.

The Hipster's sore knee did not prevent him from taking some pretty pictures. And Jared also put his camera to good use.

The next race is the costume party at Camp Ass. Everyone will be there on Saturday to help out with set-up, right?

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JP said...

for the Dark Lord- I know you don't like to toot your own horn... so I'll have to do it for you. Good freaking job yourself in your race, and congrats on winning the Provincial Championship!!