Wednesday, March 29, 2006

bicycle auction

Small gathering last night: Unger, Hal, Chris, Penner, Jonny G were all present at one time or another. Some jersey design discussions took place. Things seem to be coming together. Just waiting for a time to get together to finalize everything for the order form.

Short but sweet inaugural pre-meeting Tuesday night ride, punctuated by a brief pit-stop for fries at VJ's drive in. Previewed the course for the next race on the way back to the F&H. Call it the Louis Riel secession classic if you need a title. Consider it a celebration of springtime in Winnipeg if you need a reason to participate. This race requires what may turn out to be a relatively small window of time, namely that brief period of time between the melting of the snow and the river overflowing the river walk. Get your datebooks out: festivities will take place sometime during the weekend of April 8-9. Precise time to be finalized at next week's meeting. Penner is working on prizes.

Penner picks up his new bike on Thursday. Word at the clubhouse is that things are looking up for the secretary on the new bike front as well. Good news.

Speaking of new bikes: I received a flyer for the annual bicycle auction at work today. The dates are April 22 and 23. Once again it will be held at the Maples arena. Jonny G. picked up his Monterrey for something like $25 a few years back. That bike has taken him farther than the half a tank of gas he could have spent that money on.

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