Saturday, March 25, 2006

bike lanes

There is an article on the MCA site right now, reprinted from the Free Press a while back, about a series of grass roots groups working at improving the bike lane situation in Winnipeg. This is in response to the rather chilly reception that bike-related matters have received from City Hall under the Sam Katz regime. Of course, more bike lanes in this city would be great. But the cynical side of me suspects that in classic Winnipeg style we'll end up with some sort of half-assed compromise. Something like the bike lanes in this picture from the UK. We all know hom much fun it is to ride in and around trees. Riding through them, however, is less enjoyable. I've tried it. It sucks.

Also on the MCA site is a list of planned road consturction projects for the summer. Nice to see that Pembina is finally receiving some attention.

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