Tuesday, March 21, 2006

bikes and coffee shops

Spent a good part of the evening yesterday delivering about $600 worth of coffee to friends and fellow cyclists. Bikes and coffee somehow just go together naturally. One day in Girona, when he was riding with US Postal, Floyd Landis skipped out on a training ride by hanging out at a local coffee bar and drinking 15 espressos in one afternoon. While our sponsorship and other identity-constituting efforts have thus far looked to alternative beverage forms--equally a natural fit with the bike--it would be a mistake to overlook the significance of the roasted coffee bean. A number of bike-related coffee shops have opened up recently. One of my favourites is Jet Fuel Coffee in Toronto. But there are also some worthy models in Minneapolis, both of which also sell bikes: One on One Bicycle Studio, where Hal got his new wheels, and more recently the Cars-R-Coffins Coffee Bar opened up. If you ever find yourself in Minneapolis make sure to pay them a visit. Check out the article on them both from the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Perhaps we should look into opening up the FGBC coffee bar. Then again, perhaps not.

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