Thursday, June 29, 2006

Garbage Hill Race Report

Yup, it hurt alright. A real lung-buster, this one.

Better turnout than I'd feared. Johnny G, Hal, and myself. And 2 fans: Charlene's Dad and uncle Karl. Tried to convince them to race, but they didn't bite.

4 laps of Garbage hill. Basically the standard training route minus the steep climb. So 3 times up per lap. Close race. The closest of any I can remember. Well, the messenger race was close I guess. But nobody really knew it until it was all over. All three of us pretty much stayed together for the first lap. Then Johnny dropped off a bit. Hal and I stayed together the whole race. I yo-yo'd off his back wheel for 95% of the race. Tried to pass a few times, but couldn't pull it off. Until the final climb up to the finish. I stood up, pushed a bigger gear, passed him and held on for the win by 15-20 seconds. Gears came in handy this time around. Johnny came in 1-2 minutes back.

Good times. Feels good to race again. Kind of makes me want to go out and get a race license to give Penner some company in the 30+ Sport gang.

Next race: Waterfront Dr. Road Race. Cobblestones, traffic circles. Classic Euro-style road racing. Coming in mid-late July, after everyone's back from their various trips. Don't forget to take pics on your rides to share on the blog.

The Tour starts Saturday morning. Despite the looming doping controversy, I'll still be glued to the TV every morning for the next three weeks. All are welcome.


the secretary said...

sorry for the no show, team... Bergen and Lisa dropped by, and before I knew it, it was too late... this late sun business. My intentions were good...

penner said...

I would welcome any 30+ riders to come out and pass me on wednesday nights