Friday, June 30, 2006

race follow up

first, thank god that this was a bike race and did not have anything to do with running (other than up the hill) or g would have schooled us big time.

kudos to dr. h for a well executed race. hard on my tail the whole time until the last 200 meters or so where he passed me to take the race (i had blown up like a roman candle and had no gas left in the tank to use but a couple of cliches). some good back and forths through the race including a pass and re-pass on the uphill corner following the downhill, and a well placed elbow and forearm (by me) to prevent a pass through the gate at the top of the hill - racing can be a little cut throat.

of course my only criticism is that there is not enough technical elements to this race (this is only me crying). i look forward to the family race and wienner roast/knock down derby at bur oak later this summer because the course has more technical elements.

throwing out the date of Sunday August 6th for the Grand Beach ride and family swim day. hope this works for people.

finally...this bike was shown at the handmade bike show this year. it comes from ant and is made of wood and cooper...very cool...and of course, its a fixie


the secretary said...

with Sunday, Aug 6, you are cutting the long weekend in half... is that intentional? We would not be able to make that weekend... the previous one would be doable for us.

halloewen said...

didn't realize that was the long weekend - there are somethings my pda does not tell me - how about the following weekend, August 13th? if not we could do the July 30th weekend (there is a race in Regina, but i could be convinced to skip it if the numbers dictate).

The Dark Lord said...

August 13 is Muddy Waters--a century ride. I did it last year. Lots of fun. Plan to do it again. Would be great to see some other FGBC folks out. A Saturday might be better given that there is usually something up every Sunday.