Tuesday, June 20, 2006

no race tonight

Response to my latest race proposal have been lukewarm, at best. Some have promised, however, that they can make it next week. Would have been nice to have some sort of summer solstice race. But there will still be plenty of light next week. So we'll try again. Stay tuned for further details. Will try to hammer something out over beers this weekend at Spruce Woods.

Nice ride out to Lockport and back this morning. Johnny S, Unger, and myself. More and more road bikes are popping up amongst the FGBC rank and file. Perhaps some sort of largish road ride is in order. Once we have our jerseys we can go and taunt the FOG guys.

Exciting moment at the Cambridge last night: Some disgruntled and apparently grieving drunk very nearly hurtled a glass at our table after having been cut off by the server. Fortunately, he was still able to realize, as he was just about to throw, that this might not be the best response to the situation at hand. So we were spared the decision of whether it would be best to catch or duck. After being shown the door, the poor guy did charge back in. But with the numbers being roughly 30 - 1 against him, he was not able to consummate his rage with any sort of physical contact. Whew!

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