Saturday, May 05, 2007

INGOLF transportation needs

it would seem that my ride out to the event will be delayed. The secretary now has a conflicting engagement and will only be able to arrive later on Friday (post rides).

Does anyone, who is planning on going out for the "friday rides", have space for the figurehead president and his bike.? I will not need a ride back.

Tenacious V, the "dingbat" will arrive Friday evening. What are you plans for the friday ?


The Dark Lord said...

For the president, something can be arranged. Do not worry. It's not presidential.

PaddyH said...

the Oly clan(me, Tom, Dave?) will be there Fri eve most likely

penner said...

thanx, keep me posted.

I here the "Beer fund" has done well this year. The secretary will need to bring it out.

Anonymous said...

tenacious v
I willl be coming out Friday after work with james. Knowing how james' previous attempts at getting out for this weekend have worked out, I hope to see everyone there Friday before the sun goes down.. See everyone at Dog fest