Monday, May 28, 2007

Red Ass

Just got my registration turned in--finally. Now I can enjoy the feeling of dread as it looms very near on the horizon and I have no time to ride. My ass is turning red just thinking about it. There's still a few days for others to get in on the fun. And by others I mean Juan Eppstein, in particular. You know you want to do it. Don't wind up saying you wish you would have, like 24 Hours of Ass.

Juan has suggested a Tuesday Night Ride that would terminate at his place to finish off the leftovers from Mrs. Eppstein's birthday party over the weekend. Stay tuned for further details.

OTT: Golden Smog, Until You Came Along

1 comment:

the secretary said...

I am posting this comment on behalf of Juan.

"A Tuesday night ride would be great. Unfortunately, the leftovers alluded to were contained in Butch the Keg from Half Pints. I should have given more credit to the team on Saturday night, because it turns out I have drawn only a few more pints for myself since then, leaving nothing more than some foamy goodness of what used to be a fine Phil's Pils. Maybe we should just get another keg..."