Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tour de Half Pints

It may have taken a little while to get it all together, but Brewmaster Dave delivered last night. Informative tour, impressive set-up, and samples that did not disappoint. Turned out to be four stage Tuesday Night Ride: 16 made it to the brewery, 12 to Garbage Hill, 5 to the F&H, and a mere 4 for the ride home pit-stop at Omand's Creek. Juan Eppstein wrecked on the chains going down the hill. Sounds like we just missed Jonny N at the F&H. Bummer.

Warning: don't watch if you're prone to motion sickness. Maybe I was a bit woozy after my own climb up the hill. Maybe not. It may help to think of this as my dogme rendition of the FGBC late night training program.

If you think that video sucked, then you probably don't even want to bother with this one:

OTT: Cat Power, Satisfaction

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