Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yes, Arlene, Yes

From Loren Mooney's coverage of the honorary captain's hearing:
Landis’s parents, Paul and Arlene, have settled in for the duration. Today, Arlene wandered into the media workroom and struck up a conversation with a reporter about the cycling photo on his computer’s desktop background. A race he did, it turns out. “I can’t imagine a greater thing in life than riding a bicycle,” said Mrs. Landis, who often rides her bike to church, six miles one way, and for transportation around her town of Farmersville, Pennsylvania. Amen.
Arlene's sentiment is echoed in yet another ride yer bike ad, this one from London:

I wonder when the campaign is going to launch on this side of the puddle?

OTT: Clem Snide, Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievience

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team jonny said...

at $1.20 a litre, hopefully soon.