Monday, June 18, 2007

Half-marathon results

251 Unger - 1:40:50
256 Jonny G - 1:41:00

Something tells me there's a story there.

Also crossing the finish line, at 2:05:38, was Bergen.

Way to go, guys!

Saw Lucinda last night. She did not disappoint.

OTT: Paul Westerberg, Seein' Her


g said...

No story as far as I know. I never saw Dave on the course. I ran by myself through the whole thing. We compared race stories in the recovery area afterwards. Nice day for a run though.

The Dark Lord said...

I guess that's the thing with those chips. This makes it look like you were pretty close to one another--perhaps that he dropped you on the stadium track, or that you were chasing to catch up but ran out of room.

g said...