Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the poosher and the honorary captain

The poosher sends in the following report from Whitehorse about his first 24 solo race:
well, it's done. 16 laps (14 km/lap)/ 4100 m of elevation. my body over all felt pretty good and i was on schedule for 20-22 laps, except for the developed stomach problems. my last lap was brutal. it took me one and a half the usual time. i was so nauseous, i was not able to descend with any speed what so ever. some of the descends were about 60-70 km/h. there were other four solo riders. the guy who took the win managed to ride 25 laps. i came in second. two years ago jonah rode 26. these people really like to suffer. one day i would like be a bit like them.

during the race i realized i don't like grip shift for this type of riding. my right wrist was quite sore from the constant shifts. i am going to try trigger shifters. the 2x9 was good as well, a granny would have been welcomed in the second half of the race. i rode 12 laps in my first 13 hr. i slept for an hours when it was the darkest. and the consequent laps were about as good as the first 13, except again the dreadful 16th. i was really looking at 20-22 laps in the very beginning of the last 11 hrs. but my body was not with me. maybe next time i'll have a better idea of what i am doing.
While searching for results from the race, I stumbled upon this report from the dude who ended up winning. "The guy from winnipeg" clearly had him worried. Nice work, Tom. Too bad about the stomach.

The honorary captain has a new book out.

I'm sure it will end up being disappointing, as these sorts of books invariably are. But that won't stop me from going out and buying it. Need something to read during those interminable Bowflex ads during the Tour.

He's also busy hitting the talk show circuit. I bet he'd rather be riding his bike.

Last KOM event today. But plan for a Tuesday Night Ride next week. It's been too long.

OTT: The Hold Steady, Stuck Between Stations


team jonny said...

Tomek, I hate to say I told you so (actually, I really don't mind) but, I believe I warned you several times about the grip shifts. That aside, solid race my good man.

PaddyH said...

yup, the irony of it is-and Tom has heard this story more than once(it's me remember) Naom's was runnin G.S on both her bikes at US 24hr solo Nat'ls last yr at 9 mile and her hands were hamburger at the end..she still runs em on her Ht, but her main bike/full squish has sram triggers now...some times ya gotta just try it terself...sometimes it works, other times it don't. As far as his stomach issues, a steak would've fixed'em up proper! All in all he did awsome!