Saturday, June 16, 2007

movin' on up

Breaking news. Red Ass HQ reports:
Sat, June 16: Special Update - Marty Halprin has informed us that after flatting near the beginning of the event he accepted a car ride to help bring him back up to the main pack of riders. Accordingly he has DNF'd from the event and everyone who finished behind him in the standings has moved up one in the overall placings.
4th place, baby! Good thing Tom and I had the good sense to decline the ride from that friendly dude just outside of Roseisle.

Also, see Duluthian Charlie Farrow's race report--especially "lucky event number six."

The Race Across America is under way. Jure Robic is leading, as usual. 2142 miles down, 900 to go. Kinda makes Red Ass seem like a short little Wednesday Night sprint.

And just for fun, check out the story of Ted Shred and his innovative approach to braking:

Good luck to Unger, Jonny G, and anyone else taking part in the marathon tomorrow.

OTT: Wolf Parade, The National People's Scare

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