Friday, June 08, 2007

ready or not

T minus 21 hours to Red Ass. By tomorrow at this time, the plan calls for us to be about half-way to Tinker Creek. "The plan," however, is admittedly rather imprecise. We really have very little idea what to expect, other than a noticeable amount of suffering. But the spirits are good, or at least as good as can be expected before heading out for a 500 km bike ride. Bring it on.

Hope to see the FGBC support crew out in full force at Tinker. Johnny S, we will try to call you from around Carman.

OTT: The Jayhawks, Ain't No End

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck brave people. I will be following the story from out west. Had to think of Johnny S today...I went into my local pawn shop today and there before me was a Softride Powerwing 700, carbon fibre frame, 14 speed, Kinesis 6061 Aluminum fork...with racing shoes...for a mere 325.00! I smiled when I saw it. Johnny N