Tuesday, June 08, 2010


See that light over there in the south? That is the ABES outshining us in almost every possible way. 200+ km rides, regular alleycat races, and more. About the only thing they don't do is show up at the Spring Ride. It is all a little bit humbling. Last year at this time they didn't even have a logo. Tonight we will have another alleycat race. There hasn't been one since the infamous Burger Cat race that marked KK's first ever TNR appearance. It is time.

My place at 9:30 pm.


El Presidente said...

Our goal is not to humble but to inspire. Actually, inspiration might be too strong a word. Gently motivate perhaps? All in all getting off our asses is about all we hope to accomplish. Some of "us" are taking this way too seriously. 250km? C'mon!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cab offer, but unless you can get duffy's out to ontario I won't make it. I'll be awol till mid august.

Gimpy II

The Dark Lord said...

Does that mean you're working?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So when is the world cup pool being put together?


Dallas " Compression socks are the real deal." Sigurdur

The Dark Lord said...

Juan Eppstein is in charge of the world cup pool. So far we've heard very little.

Anonymous said...

Saturday afternoon, my house.
U.S.A vs England.. we all know these countrys have bad blood so lets see some freakin action.