Monday, August 15, 2011

Back 40 Report

Good times, bad times, all rolled up into one hot and sweaty four hour package. Those trails are so sweet, it was hard not to get excited about dropping in for another taste of flowing singletrack every time we came through the start/finish area. But that brutish grassy climb at the end of each lap did not get any easier. So after lap 5, nobody was sad to be finished.

Charlene made sure the Dark Side got a taste of victory. But not without some polemica. Something about an illegal bike change or something like that. JP was also impressive, riding to a solid fifth-place finish. The rest of us were happy to settle for mid-pack mediocrity. Brad took home the Butter Belt and KK supplied some special SOB Ale, so everyone left happy.

We have no photos. But Johhny S stopped slapping high 5s and put down his ubiquitous can of Kokanee long enough to capture the only moment that really mattered.

With that, OperaciĆ³n MUERTO is done and we now officially have nothing but cyclocross on our minds. We are not exactly ready yet. But we're getting closer. In fact, the 5 lap race was really more like four consecutive cyclocross races. Half the season in one afternoon. Bring it on.


Brad the Impaler said...

The FOKK is upon us.

luke enns said...

nice work brad. hey, anyone out there interested in a Giant TCX-0? just in time for cross season. email me.

Tom K said...

Awesome Brad!!

We all knew the SOB mission would have to end properly. Wish I could have been there to ride and see your victory! Bravo Zulu Dude!