Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TNR + Grass Track #3--Updated

[Update - 12:26 pm] We have a plan for tonight's ride. Part Alleycat, park DarkCross poster blitz. For those who aren't doing grass track, let's bump up the meeting time to 9pm at my place. Bring a staple gun if you have one. Good times.

Final Grass Track Race of the season today at CMU. There is one very important thing to note: we will be on the North Campus, not the South, where we have been. You will find us on the baseball field.

We will debrief the racing with beverages in my porch before riding to the klubhaus for further debriefing and much DarkCross talk. Wouldn't it be sweet if tonight also featured a sock release party? Cross your fingers.


that dave said...

ahh, tuesdays ensconsed in the heartwarming responsibilities of parenthood.

i cannot make the ride, nor grass track. i can, however, offer a staple gun to any who may see fit to use it. i will put one in my mailbox.



The Dark Lord said...

Super sweet Dave. Thanks.

It takes a village.

mhandsco said...

Ne socks pas, fellas. Next Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Lyle, I have your stapler. Sorry.

grahambw(remove)@(this)mymts.net so I know where to return it to