Friday, August 05, 2011

Speedway Recon Report #1

Good times. Very good times. Our confidence that the speedway will be perfect for cyclocross was only confirmed last night. KK could barely contain himself.

Harry was a little more restrained. But he also loved it.

It will be quieter out there with a bunch of bikes racing around. And probably a little bit slower too. But it will be no less fun. The venue has all the elements to string together a perfect cyclocross course. And it will be especially great for spectators, with some of the best parts of the course bringing racers right into the very heart of the crowd. Call it heaven for hecklers. Brad the Impaler and Johnny S will not be able to contain themselves. Remember how much fun it was at the hill in Altona last year, both on the giving and receiving end of the attention? Here you can have all that and still take in the rest of the race. You won't have to stray too far from the beer garden either.

Spread the word, boys and girls. This is going to be a good one.

It was also nice to see that the lighting will be sufficient to hit all the areas we want to use.

JP and I are heading out there again this morning to see how all those sweet course features actually roll on bikes.


Olli said...

Did they steal those cars from Mad Max set?

Brad the Impaler said...

I do love me some heckling.