Monday, February 27, 2012

Classics Pool Update

First we get schooled by a punk-ass seven year old in the CX Pool. Now we are getting schooled in the Classics Pool by a couple of rookies who haven't yet had their date with the Dark Side's Dept. of Hazing and Other Miscellaneous Initiatives That Are Best Kept Secret. This aggression will not stand, man.

Jason took the win at Het Nieuwsblad on Saturday, finishing ahead of Andy and Troy. Brad and Jonny G drew a line in the sand and crossed the finish line holding hands to claim a victory for the Old Guard on Sunday.

But after the first two races of the season, the leader of the 2012 FGBC Spring Classics Pool is Troy. Congratulations Troy! Now, can you please introduce yourself to the group? It's hard to visualize the enemy when you can't, well, visualize him. Jason is in second overall. Go ahead and introduce yourself too, Jason. Brad sits in third place. He's fumbling around for something inside his duffle bag and keeps asking "Am I wrong?" Jason and Troy, if you should find yourselves entering a world of pain in the next little while, don't say you weren't warned. The Impaler thinks you may have crossed over the proverbial line.

Full results and overall standings here. For the newcomers among us, the most recent race is always on the left. So read right to left. Consider it a tribute to Walter Sobchuck.

We are back at it again on Wednesday with Le Samyn.


Brad the Impaler said...

The Man in the Black Pajamas? A worthy f*ckin' adversary, Dude. But 7 year olds and newbies?

co2cycle said...

Walter has another choice quote about strangers, in the parlance of our times, that needs not be repeated just now.

Instead, in belated honor of mardi gras, SHOW US YOUR TEAMS!!! At the Dark Lord's earliest convenience, of course. Let's see who we're up against here.

The Dark Lord said...

You want teams? I can get you teams. Maybe even before 3 o'clock (tomorrow).

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if more than one of my Team Members showed up to K-B-K. Slackers.

g said...

You guys are all dead. Wait until Oscar Gatto heats it up.

I'm sure you won't see it coming.

Troy said...

Hi All,

Not only am I a newbie, rookie and leading your cycling pool I also am, wait for it.... From Alberta (boo,hiss)! Sorry boys but it looks like that lovely pair of socks will be heading west.

I look forward to a couple of months of great racing and good old trash talking.

Game on.


The Dark Lord said...

Right on. Thanks Troy. We used to have an Alberta chapter. But they moved even further west. Welcome to the pool. But don't throw out your old socks just yet. The Spring Classics Pool is traditionally a wild ride.

Jason said...

Hey I'm Jason and also a rookie from Pennsylvania studying down at Eastern Mennonite University, I just chose my team by their sweet sounding names and some recommendations from a British chem prof. Cheers to beginner's luck! Looks like it'll be a good time

The Dark Lord said...

A tried and true method Jason. It looks like you will fit right in here. But watch out for those British professors. They are lurking here too, sometimes even masquerading as royalty. But make no mistake. Our Andy is no gentle king. He will rip your head off in this pool if you give him a chance. He even tried to chase down a seven year old for a pair of socks. Seven year olds, Dude.

There is a large EMU contingent this time around. I hope you guys have some betting action on the side.