Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's find some movies

It's movie finding time.  
So far we have confirmed that these movies have been found and will be coming with these dudes:

Mark Reimer:
- Darjeeling limited
- Life Aquatic
- Royal Tenenbaums
- Rushmore

- Ghostbusters 1 and 2
- Lost in Translation
- Groundhog Day

This next list is of movies that we still need to find:
- Stripes
- Caddy Shack
- Quick Change
- What about Bob?
- King Pin
- Zombieland
- Wild Things
- Charlie's Angels
- Fantastic Mr. Fox
- Get Low
- Little Shop of Horrors
- The Razor's Edge
(feel free to add any other Bill Murray movie that you'd like)

A few dudes have offered to help with the download process.  If you are going to download a movie, identify it in the comments below and I will assume that it will be taken care of.  You can leave the movies on your USB sticks (make sure they are .avi files) or burn them to DVD.



Scott W said...

I'll bring Zombieland.

Adam said...

I have Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Tom K said...

Big Frame, did you see my last comment on the TNR post? No need for you to bring your player ... techno is all in-f'cked! Relax dudes ... we shall enjoy The Dude!

Tom K said...

Oops ... auto spell-correct is tough! I meant, 'Nothing is F'cked'!

The Dark Lord said...

I prefer the auto-correct version. From now on it's "techno is all in-f'cked!"

The Big Frame said...

I've got Caddyshack (not to be mistaken with CaddyShack-up which I almost downloaded) and Stripes

The Big Frame said...

and What about Bob?

Anonymous said...

Correction, I actually don't have rushmore, but the other three are confirmed.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Big Frame said...

i have rushmore

The Big Frame said...

and kingpin

The Dark Lord said...

You have Rushmore? Then most certainly the techno is all in-fucked.

Gianni said...

Not sure what the hour count is at, but if more titles are needed, may I nominate "Limits of Control"? Anyone have it?

Tom K said...

Big Frame, the "techno may still be 'out'-f'cked"! Not probs with MP3 videos, but having issues with AVIs ... We should chat. Call my cell dude!

Anonymous said...

I also have FMR.F

Will work on downloading the other titles Friday morn.

wv: tlque billemb

The Big Frame said...

i don't have your phone number Tom

Tom K said...

Contact made and solution found! Relax ... 'Nothing is F'cked" or if you prefer "Techno is all in-f'cked"!

The Big Frame said...

i've got "get low"

The Big Frame said...

i've also got little shop of horrors