Tuesday, February 28, 2012


9:30 pm at my place.

It's the last ride before the 24 Hour Race this weekend. We have a couple of things to settle:

1) The Course. Brad the Impaler, Jonny G, and I have plenty of good ideas. But we are also a little bit stuck as to which of them is best. Tonight we will get unstuck. Probably after testing out some of the route options during the ride. It may come down to a vote at the klubhaus. Or perhaps a cage match.

2) Movie acquisition. Lyle and Tom K are heading up this initiative. But they'd like to know what, if anything, we already have. I have the Big Lebowski, so that's settled. But take a look at the list of the Bill Murray movies below. If you have any of them, please drop a comment below so that we can strike that task from the To Do List. Lyle thanks you in advance.

Caddy Shack
Ground Hog Day
Ghost Busters
The Royal Tenenbaums
Life Aquadic Aquatic
Lost in Translation
What about Bob?
King Pin


The Big Frame said...

Life AquaDIC, eh? What are you getting at here Chris?....I have Life AquaTIC by the way.

The Dark Lord said...

Talk to Tom K. I cut and pasted the list he sent me. My contribution was to add Rushmore to the list. You guys left out the best one of them all.

The Big Frame said...

I had/have nothing to do with movie selection...i'm only the internet pirate.

The Dark Lord said...

You need to take responsibility. Blaming others is not acceptable.

Anonymous said...


El Presidente said...

I've got The Royal Tenenbaums if you need it. Can send it with Johnny S.

Brad the Impaler said...

Not riding. See y'all at the Klubhaus.

Altona Bicycle Enthusiast Society said...

What about Quick Change? Bill co-directs and stars in this classic. JS

Tom K said...

Yo Big Frame, have fun there pirate! Let me know if you need assistance. I have a laptop for connected to the TV with S-Video and audio connects. Plus I have a 'rocketfish' HDMI connection as well. DVD sure would make things easy though, however my fairly new DVD player does not recognize some MP3 video ... blah blah blah - chat later.

I will be at the klubhaus with the 8 remaining wool jerseys for:
1. LeAnn - Chris will take home tonight.
2. Johnathan N. - to pass to Darryl for him.
3. Terry
4. Tim L.
5/6. Dave Pitcher/Twila
7. Olli
8. John B.

Anonymous said...

I have Lost in Tranlation, access to Goadbusters (1&2) and possibly Grounddog Day. Will bring all.

Scott W said...

How about Zombieland? I know Bill just has a cameo, but he has a cameo AS BILL MURRAY, and it's the single greatest cameo I've ever seen. The movie is pretty good too.

Tom K said...

Hey Big Frame, playability update. We have been meaning to update our player to allow for new formats and a USB input. So we did ... the new Blu-ray player handles HDMI, MP3, dlna certified fomats, etc and USB direct. Bring it on Pirate! Nothing is F'cked :-)