Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Wool Is In!

Ladies and Gentleman. Thank you for your patience over the last few months. The wool arrived safe and sound at noon today and I have to say, the jerseys look AWESOME. I'm really happy with how they turned out and I know you will be too. Not sure what the TNR plan is, but perhaps we will have to arrange a pickup at the klubhouse? The box is big and heavy, so someone will have to help me transport them.

Perhaps if you are planning on coming out, leave a comment and we'll carry your jersey to the bar. Or if someone is driving, let me know and we can bring the whole box.


Tom K said...

Jackpot! Hipster ... I may have to drive tonight and might be able to pickup the whole enchilada.

Anonymous said...

That'd be great Tom, let me know if you do and we can meetup sometime before.

Anonymous said...


Tom K said...

Mark ... email sent. Nothing is f'cked! :-)

Tom K said...

Mark - They are super awesome jerseys - well done!

FYI Folks, I have the jerseys and will bring them to the next TNR and they will also be at my place next weekend (HQ for the 24 of BM - so said the vote last ngt - time to fill the BBQ tanks!).

Here's the ones I have (all paid for):
1. Chris - L
2. Adam - Med
3. LeAnn - Ws Med
4. Terry - XL
5+6. Dave P. - XXL/Twila Ws Sml
7. Tim L. - L
8. Jonathon N. - XL
9. Olli - Med +2 Inches
10. Kim - Ws Med
11. John B. - L

If you want to make pickup plans contact me via "tom@thetrainingcoop.com"