Thursday, June 07, 2012

Surreal Cat Report

Gianni knows how to put on an alleycat. We no doubt disappointed him with our inability to grab the surrealist ball and run with it. But it was a good time nonetheless.

The three teams were as follows:

Team Breton: Lyle, JP, Daniel
Team Magritte: Jonny G, Vic, Mark, KK
Team Duchamp: Brad, Craig, Vanessa, Chris

It was close, with all three teams arriving at the klubhaus within a minute or so of each other. The Secretary was on hand to judge the quality of the responses. He seemed to think none of them was especially good. But he deemed Team Duchamp slightly less bad than the other two. The resulting bonus points bumped them onto the top step of the podium.

This meant that the Hipster failed in his bid to capture the 2012 Nordic Cross Title. Except that the customary Sprint of Darkness was called. The Hipster won that one. Easily. And so he wound up being crowned the Nordic Cross Champion after all. Congratulations Mark. That was well deserved.

Token photos of the race:

The Race Director forgot his moustache for the pre-race rules discussion.

It is good to have the old KK back.

Many sides. And yet none.

Elephants can make you dead . . . just like that guy.

This is not a toboggan slide.

At the confluence of now and yesterday.

Who knew this water came from the Indian Ocean?

His was a greatness to behold.

A hill made of garbage? That's kind of surreal.

Something about cyborgs.


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Anonymous said...

My palmar├Ęs will only go down from here. Great race Ian!