Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Gianni came through. Here are the rules:
  • There will be three teams, arranged by birthdays.
  • Teams ride as a group and must finish together.
  • No supplies necessary. Everything other than wit and wisdom will be supplied.
This will bring the Nordic Cross Series to a close. The current standings are as follows:

Chris 103
Mark 102
Jonny G 95
Graham 76
Vic 71
JP 68
Craig 66
Darryl 60
Lyle 51
Luke 46
Brad 28
KK 25
Penner 24
Andrea 18
Unger 16
Dave E 15
Brandon 14
Kelly 14
Tom 13
Daniel 12
Vanessa 11
Colin 9
Tomek 8
Bill 7


Anonymous said...

This will be awesome.

Anonymous said...
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JP said...


KK said...

That sounds alright. I'll bring along my Chariot, just in case.

g said...

Some one send me an e-mail with ideas for beating those chumps.

Look out Mark and Chris.

It has been broughten!!!

The Big Frame said...

eff you Chris!....and Mark!....broughten indeed!!

The Big Frame said...

oh yeah....Jon, i'll bring my gun..that should slow them down

The Dark Lord said...

I suppose it is possible that our birthdays place us in the same group as one another. That would have to be changed.

Anonymous said...

Are all members of a team given the same score? Are there three fixed scores to be handed out, or are the potentially an unlimited number of points to be earned? This is very serious. I need details here.

Forget it G, you're out of your element.

The Big Frame said...

I hope you're both on my team ;)