Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stage 18

Just as Nibali did to Evans in the real race, Randy beat back pesky Prince Dan by winning the vicarious uphill ITT. He placed four riders inside the top 20 and racked up an impressive 340 points. I was second on the stage with 320 points and Dan was another 5 points back.

One small change in the overall standings. King Andy drops out of the top three and is replaced by me.

Full results and overall standings here.

Due to the Spring Ride, there will be no more updates until after the weekend. Thanks for understanding.


Todd Macyk said...

FGBC folks:


The mark of a true champion.

After stage one, I found my form and like Sky at last year's TDF, I have relentlessly driven a nail after nail (stage after stage) establishing an unbreakable lock on the Giro cellar.

I can almost taste the ignominy of the "lanterne rouge". ; )

It has been fun once again.

The Dark Lord said...

Your restraint is impressive as well. You could have mentioned how many spots Leonie has fallen since she occupied first place at the beginning of the race. But you did not. So I did.

Brad the Impaler said...

One doesn't earn a nickname with Fucking in the middle by exercising restraint.