Wednesday, May 22, 2013

TNR Report

The annual Spring Dogfest. It happens on the final Tuesday before the Spring Ride. Except that it almost didn't happen this year. But then KK took to the Twitters to remind us that this is what we do. And Brad the Impaler stepped in for Juan Eppstein and provided the venue. The only thing missing was dogs. And the Secretary. But the Awesome One grabbed the reins and, with a series of rather bold claims, made sure it was a night to be remembered. Though perhaps not by himself.

The Northwest Passage was traversed. The Hipster's birthday party was recounted and the CycleChick's birthday was commemorated.

There was some talk about Spring Ride details. But mostly we will wing it, just like we always do. Just be at Deacon's Corner on Friday at 9:30 am and all will be fine.

"I believe in the seventies" was his opening line.
It went downhill from there.

There was fire. But surprisingly few dogs.


Unknown said...

good times. very good times. But I'm more interested in seeing Andrea's video of Graham. Share the goods Andrea.

The Dark Lord said...

There is a video?

Brad the Impaler said...

Whoa, whoa. What happens in The Impaler's back yard stays in The Impaler's back yard. So just send the video to me, Andrea.

CycleChick said...

It's fucking beautiful.

JP said...

Ooooooo!! Yeeeesss!!!