Monday, May 06, 2013

Stages 2 & 3

Karel and Leonie put in the fastest time in Stage 2's vicarious TTT. They had 158 points apiece. Prince Dan was third with 137 points.

Leonie took the win outright on Stage 3. She totalled 290 point day. Joe and Jonah were a distant second with 175 points apiece.

Leonie now leads the overall race. She has 618 points. Joe sits in second with 503 points. And Randy is third overall. 476 points for him.

Todd gets the dubious distinction of being in last place overall. He has just 43 points and already sits 575 points back of the top spot. I'm sure Leonie will draw attention to that repeatedly in the next little while.

Full results and overall standings here.

1 comment:

Leonie said...

This may be fleeting so I will enjoy rubbing this in while it lasts, poor Todd!