Wednesday, May 01, 2013

2013 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool

Update: there have been a few rider changes. Most significantly, Basso is out. Make sure to double check the spreadsheet before submitting your final roster. Changes will also be listed in the comments below.

It's Grand Tour season, boys and girls. That should mean that summer is just around the corner. But we'll believe it when we see it. What it does mean is that we get to race vicariously pretty much every day for the next three weeks. That is very exciting.

How does it work? It is all very simple. Pick a team of nine riders from this list.

Your team must be composed as follows:

2 GC men - values must add up to 6 or more
2 sprinters - values must add up to 6 or more
1 climber and 1 TT man - combined values must add up to 6 or more
1 stage hunter (any one from the list)
2 wild cards (any two from the list)

When submitting your teams, it is very important that you cut and paste from the spreadsheet and list them in a single column of nine riders with no spaces in between. That makes setting up the spreadsheet so much easier. DO NOT FUCK THIS UP! Please and thank-you. In case it's still unclear, it should look like this:

Rider 1
Rider 2
Rider 3
Rider 4
Rider 5
Rider 6
Rider 7
Rider 8
Rider 9

For the scoring system and the rest of the rules, go here.

Submit your team here by 10am Saturday morning.

There is no entry fee and there will be no prizes.

Feel free to invite others.


The Dark Lord said...

Out: Ivan Basso (GC)
In: Damiano Caruso (GC)

Out: Jussi Veikkanen (WC)
In: Dominique Rollin (SH)

Out: Alex Howes (WC)
In: Ramunas Navardauskas (TT)

Anonymous said...

shit so pissed i've missed this...damn no internet.