Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Floyd at the TofCA

A new high-profile stage race on North American soil is set debut this weekend: the Tour of California. It runs from Feb. 19-26 and will mark the start of the race season for many of the big names. This is a nice compliment to the Tour of Georgia, which happens in mid-April. One thing that makes this latest race interesting is that it is sponsored by Amgen, otherwise known as the world's leading manufacturer of EPO. Our man Floyd will be at the start in San Francisco and he's bringing a strong team. Sounds like he's approaching this as a race rather than a mere training exercise. Good news. Stay tuned for updates. In the mean time, check out the article on Floyd from velonews.com. He's now the clear leader of the team and looks to be poised for a big year, with the Tour being the main focus.

Just back from a weekend in Ontario and it feels like forever since I've been on a bike. Then again, it's a nice break since I'm still bruised and banged up from the comedy of errors called Icebike. I did manage to stop in for coffee at Jet Fuel Coffee, messenger hangout and sponsor of Canada's only pro cycling team. Check it out if you're ever in Toronto.

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