Saturday, February 04, 2006

New Event?

Could this be a new event to work into future rides and races? As a whole, FGBC seems to prefer more of a slow-ride ethos. I've even heard one of us talk about the importance of slow-food. But 163 kmh on a bike has got to be a rush and I heard someone say once that you don't know what you're missing until you've tried it. I hit around 70 kmh once riding down a mountain in Utah. That was pretty cool. Finding the right spot would pose a problem. That hill in Altona probably isn't big enough. This event has Jeff R written all over it. Definitely not a slow-rider, that guy. Clearly the problem with the rocks and all a few years back was due to the slowness imposed by the conditions--tight trail, obstacles. But this definitely wouldn't be a Penner-friendly activity. It would no doubt suck on a fixie too. I love it that the dude is wearing a heart-rate monitor. Wonder what it registered when he noticed his bike start to disintigrate?

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El Presidente said...


I can't say the Hill in Altona has quite the potential for speed but the finishing surface (smooth flooded ice) does make the descent a touch tricky!

Greetings from Altona, host of the 2006 Altona Invitational Bikeathlon! The planning commitee here has been working feverishly to prepare for this years event. Just this morning we actually talked about it again. Sponsors are lining up to furnish the prize list and word is spreading quickly in this sleepy little burg. As of now we've already got about 8-10 riders in the mix (from Altona alone!) and we're hoping for a strong contingent of City-dwellers.

Has there been any interest out there? Let us know what's shakng...