Thursday, February 16, 2006

Little Mermaid, RIP

Good day for bike buyin' yesterday, it seems.

In addition to Penner, Miriam and Jonah both picked up some new wheels. In M's case, a Norco Mity Macho. This means that the Little Mermaid has been laid to rest. Actually, it's back at that great little bike shoppe on Portage waiting to make some other kid happy. She served us well, but evidently it was simply time to move on. It was tough for Miriam to decide between the Macho and the pink, flowery Trek with the white faux-wicker basket. But the Macho won out in the end. Whew.

Nobody is happier about this exchange than Jonah, since the Mermaid essentially became the more male-friendly Shogun in all its yellow (or at least not-pink) splendor. His masculinity is now appears to be safely secured, at least for the time being.

Looking forward to the race on Sunday. The course looks good. Let's hope it warms up a tad by then.

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the secretary said...

the mermaid might have been nice for a bike toss...