Friday, February 10, 2006

sponsors etc

A rather lengthy report from the Jersey Committee

I am not quite sure how the figurehead leader has taken on this portfolio, but just as I am about to retire my efforts with this endevour, I am pulled back into it by some very faint glimmer of light.

The Fox and Hounds is in!! They are giving us $200.00. They would like a 3-4 inch logo. I said that we can easily accomondate that.

I am hoping that Snider othodics will come onboard as well as Eppsiepman!

On a similar note, Wayne, the other sales guy at FGBC returned a call I made weeks back. I indicated his counterpart was less forthcoming than hoped for. Anyway, we got to talking and Oerst is out, Wayne is in, but we still do not have any cash. It seems that FGBC has been burned in the past with sponcerships like this, teams not even buying jerseys. That being said, Wayne would like to "foster a relationship" with us and would like a letter or at least an email about "us". (Maybe someone could assist me with that.) He needs this to bring his boss onboard. He will see what he can do about some cash. It is easier to get FGBC shirts and beer than money right now (and that he offered)..."we are in a beer war!!" We talked about our needs etc, If all the planets line up we might get 150 -200 if his boss gives him the green light. In the fostering of a relationship, he sincerely offered the occasional use of the FBGC board room for the use of planning big events, like our spring ride. I am going to try to get a FGBC Tshirt or hoodie for the prize on the 19th, failing that, it will be the twin rivers touques.

Since we have a sponcer, Who is in??? 15 jerseys are about $720.00 Canadian (10 are about $550.00) There is NO duty so therefore no brokerage fees. They require a 50% deposit before work is started. A designed committee has been formed, Darryl, Chris and Hal. Let me(your presedent) know if you are in!


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How large a net are you casting for sponsors?