Friday, February 03, 2006

Motorist vs. Cyclist

Carrying on in the same general vein of attempting to purchase self-legitimation through stories of victimization . . . Actually, I find this sort of gesture--a kind of manipulative wallowing in self-pity that is blind to the power it seeks--to be perverse and morally repugnant. Egghead that I am, I've even written an essay on this topic. But this isn't that kind of forum. In any case, I will wallow away and participate in it anyway. Not all of us are as sophisticated as James in the dialectical rhetoric of disclamation/legitimation, so why not just acknowledge the contradition straight up? A different, though not entirely unrelated, social convention. At any rate, the following photos of a confrontation between a bike courier and an angry motorist in Toronto have been making the rounds lately. That dude needs to chill out. Watch out Johnny G. The next time you flex your muscles at a car full of young punks, they might not be as intimidated by you as the rest of us are.

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