Saturday, October 14, 2006

jersey unveiling at fgbc

In a remarkable turn of fate, the new fg bike club jerseys were unveiled in the fg brewing company loading area friday night. Pictured with Wayne, of the fgbc, a few Living Legends sport their new jerseys proudly.

Those who have ordered, I'll be needing $42 upfront, and then the jersey is yours.

Here, the Duke tests the back pockets.

Bad news on the Velo Artisan Bread hat front... another typo. Hal now has forty hats that say "Singlcspeed"... not nearly as catchy as "Singiespeed" or "Stinkyspeed"... Champ-sys has acknowledged the error, and is printing up another 40, ASAP.

1 comment:

The Dark Lord said...

Those are the best looking jerseys I think I've ever seen. The darkness is about to descend on Winnipeg. Did Wayne offer us any money for the next merchandise plan?