Tuesday, October 10, 2006

menno-cross: a photojournal

Photos courtesy of Laura Braun.

Was there actually blue sky? I don't remember the weather feeling as good as this picture makes it look.

LeMans start. Hey, that's my bike! No pushups, thank God.

The early leaders. The late leaders too, for that matter. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the podium, in order of finish.

This is how you do it, Kevin.

The catch.

Ride. Hurt. Smile. I said smile.

Nice FGD gut.

OTT: Digable Planets, 9th Wonder (Blackitolism)


Kevin B said...

ahhhh, so that is how it's done. thanks for the clarification. now if someone could just tell me how to go faster (and grow some hair... on my head). great pics by laura BTW. - kevb

Johnny S said...

Very nice pictures - I assume the shutter speed on Lauras' camera wasnt fast enough to capture the softride - elusive like the unicorn.

The Dark Lord said...

I didn't receive any pics of the softride. Otherwise you know they'd be up there. This lacuna might go some way toward explaining the whole missing lap mystery. Too fast, Johnny, too fast.