Saturday, October 28, 2006

last dance

Sweet ride this afternoon on the southern section of the TCC. Juan, Jonny G, Johnny S, and myself. This may be the last ride out there before the snow flies. Word is the hunters take over next weekend.

Yes, they know they look like dorks all kitted out in FGBC team colors. Why Juan Eppstein isn't wearing his is unclear. Still bitter about his failure to get some jersey space for Epp Siepman, perhaps.

He loves it.

Juan's new wheels have officially been christened.

He loves the Softride, but Johnny S isn't so big on climbing.

Darryl and Jonny G did the FGBC proud rockin' out in Paul Bergman's show at the Krahn barn last night in Neubergthal. Cozy post-concert gathering followed at the Bergman homestead.

Our honorary captain back out on the road with his bike, only one month removed from receiving his new hip. And Daily Peloton interviews his lovely lady, Amber.

OTT: The Postal Service, Sleeping In.

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PaddyH said...

sweet....the colours-mixed w/healthy helping of Oly seems to be working down here....when the officials see me...good luck at Psychocross tommorow!