Sunday, October 08, 2006

Menno-cross results

Menno-cross has come and gone. All that hype and it's over in about an hour. Then again, the wind, loose stones, and uncut grass more than made up for the relative briefness of it all. Good work boys and girls--even if FGBC participation was a little on the weak side. Good fan support too. Check out the Olympia site for more. Maybe some pics coming, they say. All in all, lots of fun. Kind of makes me want to run out and get a race license for the last few cx races of the season. But then again, since I've made it this far, it only makes sense to stick with the sabbatical year right through to the end.

Paddy - 55.05
Tomek - 55.26
Jonny B - 56.35
Chris - 57.54
Cam - 59.20
Adrian - 1.00.47
Hal - 1.01.25
Marc - 56.20 (-1 lap)
Dave L - 56.22 (-1 lap)
Gary - 57.33 (-1 lap)
Ian - 1.00.31 (-1 lap)
Juan Eppstein - 1.00.42 (-1 lap)
Blake - 57.30 (-2 laps)
Vic - 58.23 (-2 laps)
Johnny S - 59.49 (-2 laps)
Shona - 1.01.05 (-2 laps)
LeAnn - 58.05 (-3 laps)
Elizabeth - 54.30 (-4 laps)

Future generation FGBC'ers Alex and Nick raced 2 laps. Not sure who took it, but apparently it was close.


Juan said...

Just to clear the record - Johnny S and I both did the same number of laps, but he finished ahead of me. Dont' ask me how many laps we did, but we were only lapped once by the leaders, and did a full lap after the cowbell. Good fun was had.

The Dark Lord said...

I guess that's where the unofficial part comes in. No doubt the commisaires we so stunned by the brilliance of the Softride by that they neglected to count the first lap. Sorry Johnny.

Johnny S said...

Thanks for clearing the record Juan - I'm embarassed to say i was slightly irked to be bumped down a lap (as i am slightly petty) and was relieved to see your post. Softride rules!