Tuesday, May 08, 2007

rider down

Word at the F&H last night at the Living Legends' post-ultimate gathering is that the long-overdue odds of a wreck finally caught up to the president. He wrapped his hand-me-down Colnago around the post on the bridge over Omand's Creek. Not sure if there were any witnesses, nor what the extent of the damage was. Nice of him to get that long overdue crash out of his system now and not, say, 2 kms into the ride on Friday. Fate's a bitch. Good luck, brave soldier. Hope the bike's not too roughed up.

OTT: Magnolia Electric Co., Don't Fade on Me

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penner said...

well yes there was a witness. (Anita)

it was ugly. I crashed....i do that now and then. there was a post...I tried not to hit it...but I did. not sure why. I was a little preoccupied with trying to get my foot clipped back in but i usually do that without crashing. Maybe it was the combination of a potential hazzard and reclipping. Sort of like walking and chewing gum??? whatever. I am most likely good now for a few years so we can all rest easy.

Damage to bike: wheels and handle bars(must visit the shop) Damage to rider: pride and two cracked ribs.

Will any of this stop me from riding this weekend NO!!!