Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Anticipation

Do not despair, boys and girls. The 2011 FGBC Vuelta Pool is coming soon. By the end of the day, for sure. Check back later.

Also on the vicarious racing front, the 2011 FGBC Fall Classics Pool continues this weekend with the Vattenfall Cyclassics race in Hamburg on Sunday.

And on the real racing front, DarkCross is now less than one month away! The DX crew has been busy. The roster of sponsors has taken shape nicely. Be nice to them, because they have made $1500 in cash prizes available for you to win. We are putting up $500 for the each of the Mens A, Mens B, and Womens races. The prizing will go 10 deep. So there is no need to give up racing if the front of the race should ride away from you. Original FGBCer Marls will be on hand offering free massages to help you get Fixed after your race. And we will be announcing the band soon. A draft of the final poster showed up in the DX HQ yesterday afternoon. It looks super sweet! Good thing there is not a roof over the speedway. Because DarkCross would blow it off. Your task is to spread the word far and wide, whether through Facebook, Twitter, or pointing people to the official race website. There is no reason anyone should miss out on this one. And just to show how much we mean it, we have decided to take out day insurance for the race.


KK said...

And all are strongly encouraged to take a minute to RSVP for DarkCross at CBC's Sports Day in Canada page. Please and thank you.

The Dark Lord said...

Maybe not "for sure." But hopefully Friday morning. Teams will be due Saturday morning.