Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DarkCross Report

Once there was a bike club. Some called them the FGBC. Others called them the Dark Side. Still others called them things that are best left unmentioned. They weren't always agreed on the importance of racing bikes, or even riding them. But they were of single mind when it came to the question of good times. One day this bike club discovered cyclocross. It was at this point that they realized good times and racing bikes were not necessarily incompatible. So they took their commitment to good times and started organizing races. First there was Southern Cross and its pregnant podium girls. Next came MennoCross. And then they got together with some friends and came up with DarkCross. It was awesome! So dark. And so electrifying. What will they do next? Stay tuned to find out.

Here are some pictures to round out the story:

The best thing about setting up a course is figuring out how to take a chunk of land and turn it into a roller coaster.

Pounding posts is not ideal work for short people. Fortunately, the Giant showed up later in the evening.

The kids were alright.

And the Farrell Brothers were more than alright:

The Giant had fun playing Super Fan:

The B Race was enormous.

Cousin Adam's race started better than it ended. For the second week in a row. While the FOKK chugs along, it has become clear that it is definitely not the FOCA.

The Fraggle was back in action.

So was Unger.

The CycleChick chose the right socks.

1 comment:

Adam said...

Well, technically the SOB did not give way to the FOKK (or the FOCA) until today.
My own mechanicals aside, that was still the best cross in the world, ever.