Friday, September 23, 2011

TNR Report

It started off on a sombre note. "Hummelt Hockey is dead," sang The Tenor. There was silence. Maybe even a few tears. This is where it all began. What will winter TNR's look like without Hummelt Hockey? Will the numbers swell? Will it all fall to the ground with a dull, deathly thud now that the roots are no longer there to keep us securely anchored? We will find out in a few weeks.

The mood was not fit for riding. The cold wind and rain didn't help either. So we mustered up our best dirge and marched mournfully toward the klubhaus.

Happily, the mood was lighter once the Dark started to flow. We put Hummelt Hockey behind us and commenced with the DarkCross debrief. Our man from the Speedway showed up and we came up with a handful of ideas that will make DarkCross II even bigger and better. But it would be inappropriate to reveal those now.

Eddy was there, singing and dancing in his chair.

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