Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vicarious Racing Updates

King Andy won the 2011 FGBC Vuelta Espana Pool. I was second and KK was third. Full results and overall standings here.

Andy continues to lead the Fall Classics Pool as well. But Ian won the two races in Quebec and Montreal to move into second place overall. Sandwiched in between those two races was Paris - Bruxelles. It marked a dubious first in the history of vicarious racing: goose eggs laid by every single team. Full results and overall standings here.

CrossVegas goes down tomorrow night. It should be a good one, especially if Bart Wellens karate kicks someone in the gut. But unfortunately, the 2011-12 FGBC CX Pool will not be ready in time. So treat it as an opportunity to do some advance scouting. We will get things started eventually.

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