Friday, September 02, 2011

The Wool has Landed

So now I know what $1200 of socks looks like...

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very pleased to announce that the socks are now here and - I have under good authority - can't wait to get on your feet.

The order (a strikethrough indicates paid):

Dark Lord - 10 (5 S/M + 5 L/XL)
Halfrican - 3 L/XL
Dallas - 5 S/M
JP - 10 (7 L/XL + 3 S/M)
Adam - 10 15 (10 L/XL + 5 S/M)
Brad - 5 L/XL +1 for TdF win
Commander Tom - 2 L/XL
Co2Cycle - 2 L/XL
Tenacious V - 5 L/XL
Lyle - 2 L/XL +2 More pairs
Greg S - 3 L/XL
Luke - 2 L/XL
Cycle Chick - 3 S/M
Colin - 2 L/XL
Thomas - 2 3 L/XL
Ryan - 5 L/XL
Johnny G - 5 L/XL +1
Secretary - 11 L/XL
Paddy - 10 (3 S/M + 7 L/XL)
Tony - 5 L/XL
Kim - 2 S/M
Tinker Tom - 2 L/XL
Juan E - 4 L/XL
Halberto - 2 L/XL
Mike - 2 L/XL
J.S. - 2 L/XL
Hipster - 2 L/XL +1
KK - 2 L/XL
Cricket - 3 S/M

+ Graham 1 L/XL
Bill 2 S/M
Kevin 1 S/M
Andy 1 L/XL

$10 a pair. There are some extras should you require or if you missed out on the initial order.
I'll probably do a big distribute next Tuesday, but should you want them for the weekend, get in touch at 283-8970 or mhandscombe at .


mhandsco said...

Chris grabbed a bunch of wool for his and the Johnnies' feet this weekend, so we can expect a full performance report post long weekend.

I can say that my feet have been lounging in pure wooly bliss lo these last 5 hours. I can highly recommend them for sock bagging, bbq-ing, beer drinking and bathing a toddler.

Brad the Impaler said...

Excellent. Plus one for my TDF pool win, yes? See you Tuesday. The DL pays for that pair...

The Dark Lord said...

So far we can confirm that they are very good for campfires and hoppy goodness. Today we will test them out on the mtbs. Tinker Creek will never have looked so good.

KK said...

xl for me, pls.

mhandsco said...

Gotcha KK.

Anonymous said...

Large for the hipster

mhandsco said...

@ Hipster - Got it.


I can bring socks out tomorrow night to the F&H, so if you know someone who's likely to attend and lives near you, why not slip them some cash and get him/her to pick yours up?

Mail outs - send me your addresses.

Ryan A said...

KK has agreed to be my sock mule. He will swallow them and bring them south....


Ryan A said...

KK has agreed to be my sock mule. He will swallow them and bring them south....


mhandsco said...

Nice! Gotcha Ryan!

mhandsco said...

103 pairs paid for - closing in on a done deal.